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01/03/13 06:29am


I have a distribution for my angles, and I can plot the distribution; however I want a plot that shows the true distribution taking into account the fact that zero and 2pi are the same angle etc.

distriFunc[x_] := E^(-((-\[Pi] + x)^2/(18 \[Pi]^2)))/(
3 Sqrt[2] \[Pi]^(3/2))

Plot[E^(-((-\[Pi] + x)^2/(18 \[Pi]^2)))/(
3 Sqrt[2] \[Pi]^(3/2)), {x, -8 Pi, 9 Pi}]

It's easier to see when you look at the test function x^2
testFunc[x_] := x^2

Plot[Sum[testFunc[x + theta], {theta, -Pi/2, Pi/2, Pi/4}], {x, -60,
60}, PlotRange -> All]

What I want is to be able to map the total of any multiple of a certain number to zero.

I'm still not sure how to show this!

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Plotting real distribution RKTCD 01/03/13 06:29am
Re: Plotting real distribution Peter Pein 01/08/13 2:16pm
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