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Gangeshan Divakaran
12/28/98 11:25am

I have a function g[t_] defined in terms of another function s[t].
eg g[t]= s[t-D] - s[t-(n+1)D]
(here n and D are constants)

I want to find g[t-kD]
g[t-kD] = s[t-kD] - s[t-kD-(n+1)D]= s[t-kD] - s[t-(k+n+1)D]

Mathematica computes it correctly but its output is of the following form,
g[t-kD] = s[-kD+t] - s[-kD-(n+1)D + t]

Note the indepndent variable t appears last.
But I want all output to be of the form s[t-all other tems]

How can I do this?

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