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02/17/09 6:59pm


I am working on Mathematica 7 and need to plot a vector field in 3D. The data are in the text file a am attaching and correspond to the positions and velocities of 6000 particles. Each line in the file correspond to one particle. The first number is just the number of the particle in my simulation, the next 3 are the position coordinates and the next 3 numbers are the velocity components.

What I do is this:

i = ReadList["/Users/paul/Research/3D/sound/vel-slice_0.00100.dat", Number, RecordLists -> True]

j=i[[All, {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}]]

j1 = Partition[Partition[Flatten[j], 3], 2]


After this, all I get is an empty cube. There are neither warning nor error messages and as far as can see I am complying with the format given in the examples.

Could you please help me???

Thanks a lot,

Attachment: vel-slice_0.00100.dat, URL: ,

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