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Noah Fitch
02/24/09 5:44pm

I've created an animation using Animate[] and want to export it to quicktime format (or equivalent).

The animation runs fine in the Mathematica notebook but any exported file just captures a single frame. I've tried "cell->convert to->quicktime", "export["","","quicktime"]", and "file->save selection as" modes of creating a quicktime movie and always get the same results. If the animation is stationary the single frame that gets written to the quicktime file is the current appearance, if it is running I get the appearance at the moment of saving. If I use the export[] function, replacing animate with manipulate I get a movie that moves the controller bars but only captures a single frame for the actual animation.

Any help would be appreciated. I would rather not save the animation as a list of 3D graphics. Best, Noah.

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