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02/27/09 00:07am

Pattern matching and passing it in a function, this is my question. Let say i define this variable:

myVar = tag1[tag2[a,b,c,d],tag3[h,y,k]]

Note that tag1, 2 and 3 are simply containers and not functions. For example elements[a,b,c,d] means my element list which contains {a,b,c,d}.

Making a function that takes in myVar, this is what i need:

myFunc[tag1[tag2[x_], tag3[y_]]]:= {x,y}

So in a sense i am extracting the items from my tags. Can anyone tell me why this pattern matching doesn't work when i pass myVar to my function:

My main concern is pattern matching, however this is a simple example. I would appreciate it if you let me know how one would proceed with this.


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Pattern Matching Afshin 02/27/09 00:07am
Re: Pattern Matching yehuda ben-s... 03/04/09 12:35pm
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