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Aleksey Naumov
12/21/98 12:53pm


I have problems defining very simple functions, like the one below:

   (* Add row sums as an extra column *)
         (* Add column sums as an extra row *)

This is what I get:

''\''\!\(TraditionalForm\`\(Module[\)\)\'' cannot be followed by \
\''\!\(TraditionalForm\`\(\\[LeftSkeleton] 1 \


This could be easily fixed by making any change in the definition cell (like deleting a character and typing it back) and reevaluating the cell. But it's extremely inconvenient, since I'd like to make function definitions initialization cells.

I suspect this has to do with some formatting changes I do to make the definition look better. Sometimes when I define a function and use comments within it, Mathematica alligns rows in a strange and inconvenient way. I'd like to have rows alligned (for easier reading), so I sometimes have to add tabs or spaces before rows. Does it affect evaluation? Is there a way to control allignment of lines other than adding spaces/tabs?

Also, again for easier understanding, I'd like to color-code lines, for example, make comments blue. Does that affect evaluation?



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Problems defining functions: Syntax::"sntxf": Aleksey Naumov 12/21/98 12:53pm
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