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03/23/09 11:37am

I am trying to use ND to find the numerical derivative of some function which involves using FindRoot. My starting point for FindRoot depends on the variable that I am taking the ND with respect to. But I get errors from FindRoot/ND when I try it.

For example, try

f[startPos_] := x /. FindRoot[Sin[x] == 0, {x, startPos}];
ND[f[startPos], startPos, 30]

FindRoot outputs errors that startPos is not a number. Why doesn't ND work in this case? I can plot f[startPos], so why can't I take it's numerical derivative?

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ND / FindRoot error Kevin 03/23/09 11:37am
Re: ND / FindRoot error yehuda ben-s... 03/29/09 03:39am
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