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Sandra Ugrina
03/24/09 12:43pm

Dear Mathematica users,

I am new to Mathematica and I am trying to start off with a simple example. I am trying to evaluate lux below over a range of k (k=[0.01:10].

lux[k_] := (k Coth[2 k] + 2 k^2 Csch[2 k]^2 - 1)/(2 k^4)

However, I am getting a following error:
SetDelayed::write: "Tag Times in ((-1+k\Coth[2\k]+2\k^2\Csch[2 \
k]^2)/(2\k^4))[k_] is Protected. "

I was able to plot the above function of k when expressed as:

lux= (k Coth[2 k] + 2 k^2 Csch[2 k]^2 - 1)/(2 k^4)


How do I get the actual values of lux. It looks like a silly problem yet I can't get it to work. Any is appreciated!

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SetDelayed::write error Sandra Ugrina 03/24/09 12:43pm
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