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Nick Panneels
03/28/09 11:05am

I have some problems with exporting a Graphics3D to a dxf-file.

I have created a scissorstructure that can be manipulated using Manipulate[. Within this function, first there are some calculations using the variables, then i draw some lines and group them under 'scissor'.
I have now created one scissor and will use the commands Table[ Translate[ and Rotate[ to make a more complex structure of these scissors -> 'structuur'.

Now when i try to export this 'structuur' to dxf using Export["structuur.dxf",Graphics3D[structuur]] mathematica doesn't draw any lines in the file. Graphics3D[structuur] works fine.

When i Export Graphic3D[scissor] to dxf, all is also fine.

Does anyone knows what's wrong and how to slove this problem?
Already thx!

I've added the file

Attachment: aanzet 3D schaarstructuur variatie.nb, URL: ,
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