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Dorian McHensie
03/28/09 6:38pm

Hello everyone.
I have a question.

I'm using Mathematica 7 for students and I wanted to create notebooks with a static top bar just like in the styled notebook "Report->Confidential".

When you create a new notebook you can choose, if you want, among several preinstalled notebooks well styled and ready for use.....

There is a section: Report and in this section there are 3 notebooks, one on these is Confidential report, well if you choose this one then you'll have created a new notebook with a very good style, what impresses me so much is the possibility of having the top bar with there written the word "Confidential".

I WAT TO DO THE SAME TOO WITH A PERSOnAL NOTEBOOK OF MINE but don't know how to do that....

So please can you help me????????

I tried using a lot of ways just like Object inspector or stylesheet properties but i didn't find anything at all.




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