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04/01/09 2:45pm

I have some fairly large expressions I'm trying to simplify and I've noticed that Log[] is not simplifying as I'm expecting it to. Here's an example:

In[1]:= Simplify[Log[Exp[r]*S^(1 - r)] + r Log[S]]

Out[1]= r Log[S] + Log[E^r S^(1 - r)]

Even if I specify in the assumptions that r and S are real I get the same output.

Now, it seems to me that:
Log[E^r S^(1-r)] + r Log[S]= r + (1-r) Log[S] + r Log[S]

Therefore my expression should simplify to:
r + Log[S]

1) Why doesn't Mathematica do this, even if I specify that everything is Real.
2) Is there a way I can force it to do this?

Thanks to all who respond,

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