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04/19/09 4:54pm

i want to suppress any output that if might give if it is false.
for example, i want to prune a list so that all ordered pairs {x,y} fulfill xy>5

here is what i did:


the above works, just leaves a Null whenever it is false.
is there a way to get it to just "move on" instead of printing all of these Nulls?

also, is there a way to do find and replace in a formula:
ex. list = {{{1,2},{3,4}},{{5,6},{7,8}}}
is there a way to do
{{ = {
}} = }
or something like that so i end up with


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suppressing if[] output daniel 04/19/09 4:54pm
Re: suppressing if[] output yehuda ben-s... 04/23/09 5:40pm
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