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Brett M
05/29/09 3:15pm

Hello. I am having a problem mapping the ColorFunction to DensityPlot correctly. Assume we have a function f[x,y,t]. We can say DensityPlot[f[x,y,sometimeT],{x,-10,10},{y,-10,10},ColorFunction->"TemperatureMap"].

This is easy to do. My problem, however, is when I try to animate the DensityPlot.
As time, t, increases, f[x,y,t] is obviously going to change. Each iteration it does in time, t, the ColorFunction will scale it differently. I want to set maximum and minimum bounds of the ColorFunction and "map" this to my data set. Any help?

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DensityPlot ColorFunction Brett M 05/29/09 3:15pm
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