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06/12/09 09:34am


I am programming in Mathematica, and the result of my program is an array (31x21) that I need to export as ".txt" in an special format. This format includes text, numbers and characters which must to be separated by TAB, enter or simple space and then imports it to another program. e.g (the number of columns, rows ...)

I am exporting my data as:

Export["file.txt", TableForm[done, TableSpacing -> {0, 6}], "Text"];

In “file.txt” I have all the information that I need, in the order that I need it, but it is not separated in a proper way, because I am not able to combine TAB, enters and spaces inside it, I can only put them closer or faraway playing with "TableSpacing". Perhaps anybody knows how can I handle this?


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Exporting data Flavia 06/12/09 09:34am
Re: Exporting data Flavia 06/23/09 05:03am
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