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06/23/09 05:27am


I am doing a program and the result must to be exported with specific number of digits.

I do

XData = Table[ 0.7619 (i - 16.3), {i, 1,10}];


toexport = NumberForm[XData, {5, 3}]

when I check this lines in Mathematica I see what I need, a table wich decimal digits are only 3.

But when I export it:

SetDirectory[ "C:\\PersOrdner\\Import-Export"];
Export["data.txt", toexport, "Table"];

In the data.txt I do not see the numbers with 3 decimal digits but the string "NomberForm". In the attached file you can see it. I tried also with different formats and PaddedForm but the problem stays.

I need to see in my exported file the same as I see when I use the "NumberForm" in the Mathematica notebook. Any suggestion?


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