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07/05/09 8:47pm

I am solving a rather large system of ordinary differential-algebraic equations. When I try to use NDSolve, I get a message that I don't understand:

NDSolve::nlnum: The function value {0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,<<287>>} is not a list of numbers with dimensions {249} at {t,h1[t],h2[t],m1[t],m2[t],n1[t],n2[t],va1[t],va2[t],va3[t],<<57>>} = {-0.,5.15317,<<8>>,<<57>>}. >>

I cannot find the documentation for this message in the help menu. It's strange that the message is interpreting a "function value" as a list. Does Mathematica think I'm solving a matrix differential equation?

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