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07/27/09 05:52am

Indefinite integration of equation

[1/Sqrt (a+2 Cosh[Y])] dY

in Mathematica gives a solution in terms of AppellF1 function as

AppellF1[0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1.5, (a + 2 Cosh[Y])/(a + 2), ( a + 2 Cosh[Y])/(a - 2)]
Sqrt[(2- 2 Cosh[Y])/(2+ a)] Sqrt[( 2 + 2 Cosh[Y])/(2- a)](a + 2 Cosh[Y])^0.5 Csch[Y]

Can anybody help me how this integral leads to the Appell Function? I tried Trace Function in Mathematica to see the intermediate steps between the integral and the Appell form of the solution but with no success.

Thank you in advance


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