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07/31/09 10:26am

First of all, I'm sorry for my English.
Well, my name is Max, I'm a student from Russia.
And i've got a problem;)

I try to solve these differential equations:
x'[t] == y[t], y'[t] == - x[t] + a*(1 - x[t]^2)*y[t], x[0] == -1, y[0] == 1
(i use NDSolve function)
and i change the parameter "a" from 1 to 10000....etc and then draw the result. So i get the correct solution only until "a"=10000. When parameter "a"= 100000 and more the result is wrong. I really believe that the reason is my lack of experience. Because when my friend used MathCAD for these equations he got the correct solution until parameter = 10000000. I hope, you will help me to get the required precision. Can't believe that MathCAD can give the an answer more accurate.
Thanks in advance, Max!

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