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08/26/09 00:55am


I was just thinking about a problem (not homework :) ):

There are 30 students in a classroom. Each needs to choose a book to do a book report on. However, to discourage cheating, no two students can receive the same book.

The teacher asks each student to list their top 3 choices. If the student gets their first choice, their happiness will be 3. If they get their second choice, their happiness will be 2. If their third choice, happiness=1, and if they get a book that is not on their list, their happiness is 0.

How can one optimize the students' total happiness?

I have looked into Mathematica's optimization functions but have not had much luck on optimizing a function that is discrete like this rather than a set of inequalities. Could someone please help me by showing how to set up and solve this example problem?

Thank you,

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