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08/30/09 00:56am

In a program I am writing, I need to define a particular function that can be used as input in the NArgMax function.

Basically, my program is in two parts.

The first part solves a system of equations, and gives the general answer, as a function of a couple of parameters.

The second part of the program takes that answer, and finds the ArgMax (the argument being one the parameters from part 1) of a new objective function with 1 new parameter that was not present in part 1.

Basically, I need a quick way to use the symbolic solution from part 1 as an argument of the NArgMax function in part 2.

I am not able to just nest the Solve function from part 1 in the NArgMax function in part 2.

Basically, what I have tried so far is this ("p" and "h" are parameters in the first system of equations):

Part 1:

Solve[{system of equations},x][[1]][[1]][[2]]


This part seems to work fine. When I enter

Definition[Function[p]][[1]], I get

-(3p+ 5h)/ph

The text on the above line works perfectly if I enter it into the NArgMax function of the second part of my program, but I need to run this over and over again using different systems of equations in part 1.

Is there any way that I can get the NArgMax function to interpret "Function" as the text returned by the Definition function? In other words, can I have NArgMax symbolically interpret "Function" as its definition, and not as 1 particular value?

Apologies if any of this doesn't make sense.

Thanks in advance

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