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Daniel Krawisz
08/30/09 12:17pm

Hi, I'm trying to create a palette that doesn't ask me if I want to save it when I close its window. This is annoying because I keep wanting to change it and try different versions. According to the manual, PaletteNotebook can take all notebook options, but when I do

CreateWindow[PaletteNotebook[<stuff>, ClosingSaveDialog->False]]

The "ClosingSaveDialog" appears in red and I still get the closing save dialog when I try to close the window. The same thing happens if I use CreatePalette instead of CreateWindow.

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Creating Notebooks and Palettes Daniel Krawisz 08/30/09 12:17pm
Re: Creating Notebooks and Palettes Ronnie M 03/01/10 1:44pm
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