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09/10/09 8:36pm


I have a monte-carlo simulation of people randomly clicking on web sites that returns the numbers of clicks per site:

monteCarlo[numSites_, numClicks_] := Module[{sites},
sites = ConstantArray[0, numSites];
Do[sites[[Random[Integer, {1, numSites}]]]++, {numClicks}];
SortBy[Tally@sites, -#[[1]] &]

How can I come up with an equation to simulate the results of this?

When numClicks/numSites is large, the data follows a normal distribution, but when numClicks/numSites approaches 0, this gets more and more inaccurate.

(see full post with pictures here:

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Modeling normal distributions Tom 09/10/09 8:36pm
Re: Modeling normal distributions yehuda ben-s... 09/14/09 10:32am
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