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09/17/09 2:47pm

I'm trying to solve this problem in mathemtica:

You can use Mathematica to explore solutions to the wave equation, utt = c2 uxx.

1. Use DSolve to compute the general solution and interpret the result of the wave equation.

2. Consider an infinitely long string with initial position
b = (b |x|/a for x < a
0 for x > a"

and initial velocity Psi(x)=0.
Use yor solution from 1 to construct a series of pictures showing how the wave travels down the string (you
will need to . This will depend on the relationship between 0, a, x ct. You can draw the waves by hand or using Mathematica (use

Ok, I did the first part and was able to get a solution for the wave equation. Then I got stuck. How am I supposed to integrate the given and input it in mathemtica in order to get the plots?
I would really appreciate the help.

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