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Roberta Jones
01/30/99 09:04am

We have permission to load 30 copies of the old version of mathematica (standard version 1.2.2 ) at Champaign Central H.S. We have previously loaded via 8 disks which have been in the building since 1992. The disk set does not come with an installer and in the past we have loaded the program with no trouble.

We are now trying to load it on powermac G3s with no success. It tells us that it cannot find the kernal. We have not moved any packages to the system folder, but we have taken all of the parts out of folders and placed them in one folder titled mathematica. We are launching from the icon titled mathematica.

We would appreciate any advice you could give us since any directions we had are long gone.

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loading an old, old version Roberta Jones 01/30/99 09:04am
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