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Christopher Harry
09/28/09 04:08am


I have a simple application where I am trying to use a tablet and pen as a device to measure distance. The idea is to trace around a lens template (as used in your spectacles) and measure distances from a marked point inside the template to the edges of the template (360 degree measurments required)

The tablet pen records a trace (up to 2000 X, Y integer pairs) which I am trying to smooth into a contour of the lens template outline before I start to calculate distances. The trace is intended to be a closed loop although the start and end points of the closed path traced by hand may vary slightly.

Does anyone know which algorithm I should be using for this to achieve the smoothest contour e.g. least squares fit, cubic, bezier ?

I tried a 3rd order cubic yesterday but managed to get a divide by zero error caused by adjacent X,Y pairs having the same value in X. This caused a divide by zero in one of the equations used.

Thanks for any ideas or help,


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