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10/01/09 06:38am

I used ListDensityPlot to make a graph of a data3, here is a code:

data3 = Table[{T[[j]][[1]], Log[10, T[[j]][[2]]], T[[j]][[4]]}, {j, 1, Tlength}];

ListDensityPlot[data3, InterpolationOrder -> 0]

Values of T[[j]][[4]] can only be 1,2 or 3 and I would like to have areas with value 1 painted red (RGB[1,0,0]), areas with value 2 painted green (RGB[0,1,0]) and areas with value 3 painted blue (RGB[0,0,1]). Please help and thank you in advance.


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ListDensityPlot Colors Tomaz 10/01/09 06:38am
Re: ListDensityPlot Colors yehuda ben-s... 10/04/09 03:52am
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