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10/08/09 10:40pm


I have the following Mathematica 6.0.1 code for a plot...

Clear[curve, arrows]
curve = ParametricPlot[{Cos[u] + Sin[u], Sin[u]}, {u, 0, 2*Pi},
PlotStyle -> {Thick, Magenta}];
With[{f = {Cos[x] + Sin[x], Sin[x]}},
arrows = Graphics[
Table[{Hue[t/(2 Pi), 1, .8], Arrow[{f, Normalize[D[f, x]] + f}]} /.
x -> t, {t, 0, 2 Pi, .3}]]];
Show[curve, arrows, PlotRange -> All]

Question: How do I replace the arrow heads in the plot with the letter "o", using Mathematica 6.0.1.?



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Replace arrow heads with a letter Bill 10/08/09 10:40pm
Re: Replace arrow heads with a letter Bill 11/02/09 04:28am
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