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Lawrence Teo
10/21/09 03:41am

Hi all,

I recently found that Mathematica 7 doesn't copy/paste metafile in vector format anymore, as compared to Mathematica 5.2

Although I could still Copy As > Metafile in Mathematica 7, pasting it into Office 2007 will result in rasterized bitmap image. Rasterized bitmap image means low resolution and bad quality. Unacceptable to me.

It doesn't help even if I Export to EMF or WMF format. Inserting those EMF/WMF files into Office 2007 still gives me the same rasterized bitmap image.

I also realize that Mathematica could Copy As > Metafile in vector format successfully for certain functions, but not all. For example, Plot2D[] seems to work. Plot3D[] and ContourPlot[] don't, no matter how I try.

There is very little information online on this topic. I basically just found 2 other similar cases. Does anyone have any solution and workaround to this?


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