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Mat Davies
10/26/09 05:26am


I'm trying to run a contact optimisation routine. I have a function to find the local maximum contact pressure using the FindMaximum function.
I would like optimise this using FindMinimum to give the shape parameters (b, R1, and R2 in the attached example) that will present an optimised result for a given set of input variables (a and load) as a condition, the load equation (big P) must balance.

I have set up the optimisation, and the FindMaximum function is working properly, however the FindMinimum function gives errors: I can make it work(sort of - lots of warnings, but i get a result) by only using one parameter (b), but as soon as i introduce the others (R1,R2) it falls over - with or without starting values.
(There are additional constraints as well : 0<b<a&&R1>0&&R2>0 ,but these seem to make things worse.)

I'd really appreciate any help or advice, i have attached a notebook with current efforts.



Attachment: Optimisation.nb, URL: ,

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