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10/31/09 08:36am


I need to combine sub-figures into one figure, and thus I need to include the caption of each sub-figure into the big figure.

For including the caption in plot1 I tried

figure1=Framed[plot1,"(a) Figure 1"];

but then the quotation marks "" was included in the subcaptions. If left the quotation marks out then I just got a Figure 1 without the parenthesis.
I also tried to use Text["(a) Figure 1"] or Text[Style["(a) Figure 1",12]] without luck.

I could use FrameLabel, but I need to use Axeslabel, so this don't work for me either.

When exporting this in .tiff or jpeg the quotation marks don't show, but I really need .eps format.

Does anybody have a suggestion of what I can do?



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