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11/11/09 11:50am

I'm trying to import a table that I did in Excel into mathematica. It has 2 columns, 15 lines.
For some reason, it doesn't give the output that I wanted in mathematica...

Here's the code I've been trying to use:

"In[21]:= Path1 =
Import[Path1, "Elements"]
Out[22]= {"FileNames"}

In[18]:= Import[Path1, "FileNames"]
Out[18]= {"[Content_Types].xml", "_rels\\.rels", \
"xl\\_rels\\workbook.xml.rels", "xl\\workbook.xml", \
"xl\\theme\\theme1.xml", "xl\\worksheets\\_rels\\sheet1.xml.rels", \
"xl\\worksheets\\sheet2.xml", "xl\\worksheets\\sheet3.xml", \
"xl\\worksheets\\sheet1.xml", "xl\\sharedStrings.xml", \
"xl\\styles.xml", "xl\\printerSettings\\printerSettings1.bin", \
"xl\\calcChain.xml", "docProps\\core.xml", "docProps\\app.xml"}

In[24]:= Take[Import[Path1, 15]] // TableForm
Out[24]//TableForm= \!\(\*

Could someone please tell me why it is outputting docProps\\\\app.xml instead of a table?

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Importing Excel into mathematica RuiB 11/11/09 11:50am
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