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11/23/09 7:06pm


I've imported data (the average weekly Federal Funds Rate) into Mathematica and then plotted it using DateListPlot like so:

DateListPlot[fedrate, Joined -> True,
PlotRange -> {{DatePlus[{1954, 7, 1}, {y, "Month"}],
DatePlus[{2000, 1, 1}, {x, "Month"}]}, {0, Automatic}},
ImageSize -> {650, 500}], {x, 10, 124}, {y, 0, 500}]

[For a visual description of this, see the attached image]

And it plots it with y values of 0 to ~20, which is fine when the early 1980's are displayed, but when I am only displaying, say, 2000-2009, the y value barely tips 5, but the plot still goes up to 20. I would like it to automatically adjust so that, 2000-2009 for example, it only plots up to ~5.5, or whatever the maximum value for that particular date range is.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Bonus: Suggestions on how to make the date manipulation nicer?

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