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Juan Herrera
11/25/09 8:37pm

I'm trying to plot electric field lines as tubes with a parametric plot. I build a list with n points as

pts = BuildPointList[pa_,pb_,v_]

so that pts[[1]] is the list of points, and pts[[2]], pts[[3]] are lists giving two vectors perpendicular to the field line at each point. I go on to define

F[p_,i_,t_]:=p[[1, i]] + p[[2, i]] Cos[t] + p[[3, i]] Sin[t]

When I plot with

F[pts, i, t],
{i, 1, n , 1},
{t, 0, 2π}]

I obtain a field line as a tube. But when I try plotting two lines as

{F[pts1, i, t],
{i, 1, n, 1},
{t, 0, 2π}]

I get

ParametricPlot3D::ppfun: Argument {F[pts1, i, t], F[pts2, i, t]} is not a list with three or four elements.

What's wrong here? Thanks

Juan 〚

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