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12/08/09 12:55pm

(*Moderator's note: The title of the attachment may put readers off giving a complete solution, since this is not a homework or test answer site. If, however a reader can give advice to get around the issue without giving the solution ... *)

Hey all,

I have attached my notebook in which I keep getting an error message with Findroot.

FindRoot::nlnum: The function value {1.-0.08206 T\[Rho]-0.0000143616/�v^6-0.0543361/�v^3+0.175998/�v^2-(0.0160262 2.71828^(-(0.006/�v^2)) (1.+\[Gamma]\[Rho]^2))/�v^3} is not a list of numbers with dimensions {1} at {v} = {38.8267}. >>

what am i doing wrong that causes the findroot function to fail? i've been trying to figure it out for hours...

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