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Mario Eduardo Villanueva
01/20/10 08:16am

I wrote a program to process many set of CSV files and the error im getting is :

Get::path: Join[/Users/MEV/Documents/Excel/DMKLa/,{/Users/MEV/Library/Mathematica/SystemFiles/Kernel/SystemResources/,/Users/MEV/Library/Mathematica/SystemFiles/Kernel/SystemResources/MacOSX-x86-64/,/Library/Mathematica/SystemFiles/Kernel/SystemResources/,/Library/Mathematica/SystemFiles/Kernel/SystemResources/MacOSX-x86-64/,/Applications/,/Applications/}] in $Path is not a string. >>

Get::noopen: Cannot open Convert`Table`.

i think the error is in the import command, because when im trying to import in another notebook to check the data then what i get is:



is this an installation problem? also i worked with my program many times and i worked perfectly.


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