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01/26/10 04:27am

Hi there!

Hope someone knows how to do this. I am new to Mathematica and do not really know, how to do this:

What am I doing?
I try to compute (with c++) a route a car travelled, regarding the sensors this car has build in. That part is already done and I plotted the Cartesian x/y-coordinates into Mathematica with ListPlot.

Where is the problem?
I also know of course the original route, the car took. Now I want to compare the original with my computations. And in the end I need the deviation, i.e.:
After 5km the deviation is 500 meters. That's 10%.

What did I do so far?
I created the route in Google Maps and on and exported it as kml/gpx. I then took the coordiantes from this file (longitude and latitude) and also made a ListPlot.

Is that even working correct? I mean, I compared those x/y-coordinates (unit: centimeters) with the other graph consisting of longitude and latitude (unit: degrees and minutes).

But I also found some webpages, where I read, that it is directly possible to import gpx/kml (what you like) into Mathematica.
1. Would that make a difference?
2. How do I do that?

And in the end:
Is there an easier way to compare my original and my computed route, giving me a deviation? That all I need. ;-)

Thanks for reading!


P.S.: Sorry for my horrible english. :-)

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