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Craig Finch
02/09/99 08:09am

Mathematica is having trouble displaying fonts legibly in X Windows on my Linux system. Symbolics and formulas work all right, but in the text cells many of the words run together when using certain fonts.

   Thisiswhattextcells looklike.

The spaces are actually there, but they don't show up on the screen. This causes the cursor to appear in the wrong location. There is also a minor problem where the upper parts of characters disappear as I am entering text in an input cell.

I don't have any problem with any other X application. Does anybody have any suggestions how to fix this? If it would help, I can give more info or post screenshots to a Web address.

Linux 2.0.33 i686 [ELF], Red Hat 5.1
X: XFree86 Version 3.3.2
Window Manager: Window Maker 0.50.0

URL: ,

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