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04/01/10 12:36pm

Hello, greetings from Colombia,

Suppose I have a function that returns a list, say


I want to make a loop that creates an array of functions out of f. The result I want is an array F with the following entries

{#+1&, 2#&}

One answer is to do:

F = Table[f[#][[1]] &, {i, 1, 2}];

which gives me F[[1]][x] to be x+1, as desired. However, doing stuff like differentiating, doesn't work. For instance, F[[1]]'[x] gives crap.

The only way I was able to solve this was making:

F1[x_] := f[x][[1]];
F2[x_] := f[x][[2]];

The problem is that I want a loop that does this for me, and using ToExpression is really ugly.

Thanks a lot.


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list of functions jorge 04/01/10 12:36pm
Re: list of functions Peter Pein 06/27/10 12:23pm
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