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Eric Trattner
02/27/99 3:35pm

Dear Sirs,

This follows my installing Mathematica for students.

As a rule, I keep System/ Programs/ Data/ Temp files on different logical/ physical drives (the System is more stable & performs better this way).

Accordingly, the program was installed on the E: drive (with some common files on C:), while the files it would create (the notebooks) are to reside in a specific folder of D:.

Much as I tried, either by using the [Edit | Preferences] dialogue box, or by manually editing the init.m DrontEnd file, the program would save the first notebook in the desired location, and resume saving to the default (drive E: - installation) location for all subsequent saves. Also, the entry in the init.m file would be reset (unless I mark the file as read-only, a harh measure to take).

Any ideas? After all, most applications allow the user to set the default location of their data files, and Mathematica seems to have been designed to enable such functionality too.

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide,

Eric Trattner

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