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Simon Parry
02/26/99 06:13am

I am attempting to create a image processing routine, but I am falling down at the hurdle when trying to create a pixel by pixel loop.

I have a list of numerical data
ie {{0,0,1,0,0},{1,2,3,2,1},{2,3,4,3,2}, etc (not all lists will be same dimension)

I already have a sufficient If[] loop which will do the required summation, but I can only specify one pixel at a time from the data.

ie If[source[[1,3]]<9,+3,If[source[[1,3]]>9,+4,-4]

How could I get a generic If[] loop which could manipulate a list of data length n, to travel through the data, pixel by pixel to create a new set of data manipulated from the first?

Please can you help

Thanks in advance


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