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04/28/10 1:42pm

I've concatenated words of length 3 to obtain a digit sequence of zeros and ones which I have defined as shown

u := 00001010011000001010011000001010011000001010011000001010011000001\

Now I want to index each digit, that is, the sequence (u_i):= u_0u_1u_2u_3 ... so that I can sum (u_i)z^i from i=0 to infinity, followed by sum (u_{i+1})z^i from i=0 to infinity, ...
sum (u_{i+n})z^i from i=0 to infinity.

I wonder if someone can help me with the syntax to give each digit of u an index as required.

Here's hoping. thanks, sheila

ps thanks for answering my last post about plotting - still trying.

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