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04/29/10 9:46pm

I'm trying to set up a nice manipulation for a presentation in my linear II class. Hopefully you can see from the code that I am trying to allow the selection of a rotation matrix, a 2d vector with a randomly generated z point, and the amount to rotate the generating point of the vector by. At initialization you should see that it works just fine and continues to as long as I don't change the rotation matrix. The problem is when I select another rotation matrix, the parametric plot doesn't refresh and I only get dots at u= to the last selected theta value. I've tried many different ways of using manipulation with and without the show command. If anybody can help me figure out how to update this smoothly as well as make the selection controls for the rotation matrix prettier, I would be indebted to them.

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Manipulation updating JarealisT 04/29/10 9:46pm
Re: Manipulation updating yehuda ben-s... 05/05/10 01:38am
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