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05/24/10 9:54pm

I am currently working a project that involves solving the classical motion equations for particular energies to very high precision. I am using NDSolve and essentially have the process automated. However, my issue is that after solving the trajectory for the first energy Math_Kernel will be taking up over 1.3 GB of RAM so every subsequent calculations takes much longer to do.

I have figured out a way to save the results onto my harddrive, however even after I Remove[] the variables and do

Unprotect[In, Out]; Clear[In, Out]; Protect[In, Out]

most of the memory is still be used. The only way I have figured out to clear it is to Quit the kernel, which is fine if I'm on hand. However I would like to see Mathematica to solve for several different energies on its own and using Quit[] will drop it out of whatever loop its running in.

Does anyone know how to clear this memory that is being taken up in a way that can be automated as part of the code?

Thanks in Advance

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