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Jesse Perla
05/30/10 11:14am

I have an integral involving constants and an 'unknown' function. I would like to expand it out to solve for the constants and keep the integrals of the unknown function as expected.
Integrate[a + z + s[z], {z, clow, chigh}]

I want to get out:
(a*chigh + chigh^2/2 - a*clow - clow^2/2) + Integrate[s[z], {z, clow, chigh}]

However, FullSimplify, etc. don't seem to do anything with this. Any ideas?

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How to Simplify Integral with constants/functions Jesse Perla 05/30/10 11:14am
Re: How to Simplify Integral with constants/fun... yehuda ben-s... 06/02/10 09:23am
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