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06/17/10 9:23pm

Hello, I appreciate your time.

With Mathematica 7, I am trying to plot many functions. Upwards of a thousand.

As an example, my function is f(x)=x+n with "n" in the interval [0,1] in tiny step sizes. Instead of placing each graph's command in a Show function (nearly a thousand entries), I'd like to automate this.

My current method is:
Use a for loop to automate the generation of individual plots as such:
For[n = 0, n < 1, n = n + .1,

And then I had planned on using Show to show them all...but that was a disaster.


The computer did not like this one bit.

How do I show all 1,000 of these graphs without writing out 1,000 plot commands?

Thank you very much for your time and expertise.

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