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Sharjeel Tahir
07/26/10 3:07pm

in the attached notebook, if you look at output of the very last line, you will see that it is list that has some elements that have three sub-elements in them and others that have two sub-elements. I basically want to determine how many elements have three sub-elements in that list. What will be the command for that?

A side question can anyone explain the following code also. I am having very hard time understanding the use of # and &.

I want to merge the sublists which have the same SECOND element and at the same time SUM their first elements to produce a new sublist of the form: {SUM[first elements], common second element}

I'll generate a sample to work on


then, one solution is


and the other is

Attachment: 2d_ray_tracing_new.nb, URL: ,

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