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07/30/10 09:31am

I'm trying to combine several ListPlots with a ListLinePlot using the Show function. The ListLinePlot shows four lists, has a frame and axis labels. The ListPlot has each point filled to the x-axis.

The problem I've encountered is that, when I attempt to combine all of the ListPlots and the ListLinePlot with Show[], it puts them next to each other instead of one on the other. I would like to have them on top of each other. (Each plot also works fine when separate).

I've attached a notebook with the code for this. It won't run on its own, though.

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ListLinePlot, Show and ListPlot Adam 07/30/10 09:31am
Re: ListLinePlot, Show and ListPlot yehuda ben-s... 08/03/10 01:24am
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