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07/30/10 1:12pm

Dear All,

I have tried to code Runge Kutta to solve for a set of ODEs. There are 10 equations actually. I use Mathematica, but it solves slower than in C. much much slower.

I use function[]:=Module[{},]
Some say writing function like this gives slower computation time. I understand. But in my case, I cannot use Compile[], because of I have to call 10 variables in one symbol. I hope you get my point.

let's say, I have y[1] to y[11].
So my code will be function[y_]:=Module[{},]
That's why I really can't use Compile[].

Is it really happen to Mathematica? Any suggestion to make it faster?
I have code many things in Mathematica already. I feel tired to shift to another software.


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