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03/04/99 2:37pm

I wrote code to solve a Finite Difference problem.

in the code I have a While staement containing multiple Do statements.

It ran fine-perfectly I got all the results I needed after increasing the number of steps in the loops.

I closed Mathematica, and when I reopened it, I no longer could run my code with out getting this message while the loops were running:

$RecursionLimit::''reclim'': ''Recursion depth of \!\(256\) exceeded.''
$RecursionLimit::''reclim'': ''Recursion depth of \!\(256\) exceeded.''
$RecursionLimit::''reclim'': ''Recursion depth of \!\(256\) exceeded.''
\:f3b5Further output of \!\($RecursionLimit::''reclim''\) will be \
suppressed during this calculation.

When I open and run a similar program from my professor, it works fine, then I run mine and it will work. But when I increase my steps it just hangs when executing the while statement.

I did not change a thing in the program from the time it worked to the time it started with all the RecursionLimit stuff.


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RecursionLimit stuff Byron 03/04/99 2:37pm
Re: RecursionLimit stuff Laussy 03/09/99 6:06pm
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