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08/21/10 3:20pm

Hi everybody

I have a series of image each of then of 400x400. I need to do an assignment in some specific place if a condition is False.

My condition looks like:

For[ n=1, n=10,

For [j=1,j=400,

For[ i=1, i=400,



But every time that I try with the assignment imageseries[n][[j,i]]=5 I have the error
Set::setps: in the part assignment is not a symbol.

I have been trying with (imageseries[n][[j,i]]-imageseries[n][[j,i]]) in the FALSE statement in the If condition. It does not work.

But If I try with T=imageseries[1], T[[j,i]]=5 in the loop it works.

Perhaps there is someone who knows, what I should do?

Thanks in advance

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Set::setps Flavia 08/21/10 3:20pm
Re: Set::setps Peter Pein 08/23/10 8:33pm
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